Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting Comparison

Our Shared Hosting and Shared Cloud Hosting servers have been built from the ground up and take into account the need for the highest uptime possible while supporting resource intensive applications like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. Each server comes with cPanel or Plesk and gives you the ability to manage your entire website with a click of the mouse. We’ve incorporated the latest web technologies like LiteSpeed Web Server and Cloud Linux to ensure that every server has the resources and speed necessary to compete in today’s market. For customers looking for the highest uptime possible, with the lowest cost, we’ve rebuilt our shared hosting plans on top of our newly launched CA Cloud infrastructure using enterprise-grade VMware virtualization that delivers VMware 100% month after month.

  • Features
    Shared Hosting
    Shared Cloud Hosting
  • Windows or Linux
  • Control Panel
  • Backups
  • Storage
    200 GB
  • Email and Webmail
  • CPU Resources
  • Website Stats & SEO
  • 1-Click Software Installations
  • SiteBuilders
  • FTP
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Redundant Hardware Failover
  • Enterprise Virtualization
  • Price
    As low as $3.95/m
    As low as $12.00/m

Shared Hosting Overview

Shared Linux and Windows ASP.NET hosting is beneficial to those who are looking for a low cost solution to host their website and a simplified approach including a single control panel to manage their entire website and system administration. In most cases, customer do not need to have any system administration experience and can easily manage their website, emails, domains and anything else associated with their website and business. Canadian Web Hosting’s Linux Hosting plans start at $3.95 and $5.95 for comparable Windows ASP.NET plans. With this, you can access to a shared hosting server hosted on a single, high powered server with a comprehensive tool set that includes cPanel/Plesk control panels, unlimited storage and emails, website hosting, security, blogging, sitebuilders and so much more. Most customers who benefit from traditional shared hosting are those who have a personal website as well as small businesses and experience steady site and bandwidth usage. It is important to note, that in spite of the fact that a single web server can host hundreds of websites, customers will still experience a minimum of 99% uptime on all server plans. Canadian Web Hosting never oversells its Shared Hosting webservers.

Who it’s for:

Shared Cloud Hosting Overview

Canadian Web Hosting’s Cloud Hosting solution addresses the needs of small business’ and web hosting users who have high uptime requirements but limited budgets. With Shared Cloud Hosting, companies of all sizes are now able to leverage key technologies and industry leading VMware virtualization that gives each customer on-demand hosting, high resource availability and the reassurance that their sites will remain online even during a hardware outage. Because of the growth of Cloud Hosting, customers now have access to complex cloud environments that fundamentally offer the same Shared Hosting experience but uptime that meets or exceeds 100%. With a Shared Cloud Hosting plan, unlike traditional shared hosting plans that are tied to a specific dedicated server, customers get access to a server that is hosted virtually and no longer tied to one specific hardware server. In addition, the entire Shared Cloud Hosting environment is 100% redundant and removes all single points of failure. Because of this, when any possible hardware outage occurs, your server will automatically failover to the next available server keeping your site online.

Who it’s for: