Evizone deploys two enterprise class Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) services in a customized heterogeneous cloud meeting rigorous security, high availability and performance requirements.

About Evizone

Evizone is a software and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company dedicated to secure messaging, regulatory compliance, and communications governance. The steady growth in retained information from multiple sources like email, texting, chat or instant messaging and from multiple devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones has created an information challenge and enormous risk for all organizations. Evizone provides the strongest available secure messaging, regulatory compliance archiving and communications governance systems to control this risk.

Evizone offers two SaaS solutions – Evizone Secure Communications (ESC) and Evizone Communications Governance (ECG). ECG automates supervisory review, compliance, and e-discovery. ESC prevents electronic communication theft, and unauthorized copying, viewing, printing, and storage of messages and documents.

With respect to the healthcare industry, both ECG and ESC can provide enormous value since users can secure patient information in a distributed environment and ensure regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA) with the commercially available communications security. Users can prove supervision and regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA) with a complete audit trail of all documents and discussions, and enforce retention policies through life cycle management of documents and messages.

The Challenge

Prior to moving the Evizone production to Canadian Web Hosting (CWH), Evizone operations experienced unscheduled outages and a site visit revealed lack of data center security and poor maintenance and setup of the infrastructure. This was with significantly higher fees and older, less reliable hardware.

Since the company was transitioning from the early startup phase to a more established operating entity, this situation wasn’t sustainable as it was unreliable, expensive, and wouldn’t permit Evizone to affordably scale operations.








Information Technology

Services Used

Heterogeneous Cloud Environment
Managed Support

“As a SaaS vendor, the act of paying too much for too little effectively erodes margins. The cost of not operating in the right data center; manned with certified personnel is the erosion of customer trust and the loss of business. CWH will actively listen to the prospective customer, work to completely meet the requirements and will provide a cost competitive quote. ”

- Andy Coutts
Chief Product Officer

The Solution

When searching for a new solution to host their two enterprise class SaaS services, Evizone was seeking a provider with the security, high availability and performance that their enterprise customers require. The CWH datacenters were able to fulfill these requirements. Furthermore, CWH’s AT 101 SOC 2 Type II certification brings value to discussions with Evizone’s prospects and customers. CWH was also able to source and configure a diverse deployment supporting everything Evizone requested.

This custom built a solution involved:

  • Cisco security appliances and network switches
  • A diverse deployment of processors within Blade servers with configurations to match the requirements of:
    • DMZ Virtual Machines
    • Application Virtual Machines
    • NFS Server Clusters
    • Database Clusters
    • Hadoop Master and Nodes
    • DNS
  • An HP Ultrium Tape Drive to provide WORM support which is specifically needed in order to comply with specific regulatory requirements.

With a deployment of this size and complexity, in order to maintain a high level of resilience it is imperative that support and maintenance is proactive and comprehensive. CWH is able to provide trained personnel and has processes in place to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely and organized fashion.

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