Get real-time disaster recovery for your cloud servers with a single click.

The Canadian Web Hosting VPS SAFE® automatically enables disaster recovery on your VPS to place your backup cloud servers in another geographical location. With VPS SAFE®, we replicate your cloud servers in Vancouver to our other data centre in Toronto or vice versa, for greater protection against local outages.

VPS Safe® Guarantees:

  • Multiple locations in Canada
  • Real-time replication
  • Managed monitoring and alerts
  • One-click configuration
  • Automated protection and replication
  • Remote health monitoring

Standard Plans

High Performance Plans

How does disaster recovery for your cloud work?

VPS SAFE® leverages Veeam replication technology and uses a highly available environment with high-speed recovery and data-loss avoidance to ensure guaranteed recovery of files, applications, and VMs. Our team gets full visibility for proactive monitoring and alerts to identify issues before they become service-impacting.

Get rapid recovery of entire VMs, files, and applications with VPS SAFE®. With VPS SAFE®, you get backup and recovery capabilities to ensure you meet SLAs for your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Real-Time Replication

Once Disaster Recovery is turned on for your cloud server, that server is replicated to your designated remote site and will remain in continuous sync while Disaster Recovery is enabled. Our goal is to deliver standard Recovery Point Objectives under 15 minutes to ensure minimal data loss, as well as standard Recovery Time Objectives under 5 minutes to ensure your business and data are protected.


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